Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my cable modem?
  • When you power-cycle a cable modem, it’s best if the computer is off, so shutdown all programs and turn your computer off.
  • On the back of the cable modem, there should be a large black wire that leads from the back of the cable modem to the power outlet on the wall.
  • Unplug that power wire from the power outlet on the wall or from the back of the cable modem.
  • Wait about 30 seconds to a full minute, and plug the power cable back in to the wall outlet or cable modem.
  • The power light should light up on the cable modem. If it does not, make sure that there is power to the wall outlet and that the power cable is plugged in all the way on the back of the cable modem and at the wall.
  • Turn on the computer to bring it back online.
How do I connect my router?

Connecting a Wireless Router to SCI Broadband’s High-Speed Internet service is easy! Using a router with your internet service enables you to use more than one PC along with tablets and smartphones with your service.

  • Disconnect the AC power from the cable modem and router, and shut down the primary computer.
  • From the Ethernet port on the cable modem, connect a Ethernet cable to the Wide Area Network (WAN) or Internet port of the router.
  • Connect the cable modem to AC power and wait two minutes.
  • Connect the router to AC power and wait five minutes.
  • From port 1 on the rear of the router, connect one end of a Ethernet cable then connect the opposite end to the Ethernet port of the primary computer.
  • Power on your primary computer.
  • Complete any necessary configuration or steps that may be required by the router’s manufacturer.
How do I sign into my Webmail?

We have made it easy to access your webmail – Just click on the ‘Check My Email’ link on the top of our website or visit Be sure to enter you entire email address as the user name, example:

You can learn how to send and receive emails, change your password, manage your address book and more with our helpful Webmail Help Guide. This guide can also be accessed at any time by clicking on the ‘Help’ link located at the upper left of the webmail interface.

What settings should I use to set up Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, and Windows Mail?
  • Incoming IMAP Port: 143 (SSL Disabled)
  • Incoming POP3 Port: 110 (SSL Disabled) *IMAP Recommended 
  • Outgoing SMTP Port: 587 (SSL Disabled)(Username & Password Required)
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server: (Username & Password Required)
  • Username is Your Full Email Address, Example:
How do I check and manage my Digital Telephone features?

Features for your Digital Telephone service can be managed online by clicking the Access Digital Phone link on the right side of this website. Please contact SCI Broadband Customer Service if you need assistance with your login credentials.

You can also enable and disable features and check voicemail from your phone or remotely by phone, detailed instructions on how to manage features from your phone can be found in the Digital Phone User’s Guide with is normally provided during a professional installation.

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