COVID-19 update

SCI Broadband has been declared an essential service provider and will remain open to serve our customers during the stay-at-home order declared by Governor Walz.  We continue to adhere to the public health guidelines and are practicing social distancing for our employees and customers.  If you need a technician to come into your home for service, we ask that you inform our customer service representatives at the time you are scheduling your appointment if you are healthy or sick.  The morning that our technicians are scheduled to arrive, we will be calling to make sure you are still healthy before entering your home.  We are more than happy to reschedule for another time if the appointment needs to be changed.  We will try to resolve as many issues by phone, if possible.  If you need to make a payment, we ask that you use postal mail to send in your payment, or call with your credit or debit card information.  We are encouraging you to refrain from stopping at the office as our lobby is now closed to outside traffic.  However, if you absolutely need to make a payment in person, we will have envelopes in the entry way for you to leave.  We will continue to keep you posted should any of our current processes change.  Thank you for your cooperation!